Visits and Markets

There is a market held every Monday in Guillestre during the summer months It's a large affair that takes over much of the center of town and traders come from all over the region to sell their wares. Fresh produce, meats and cheese can be bought along with clothes wine and gifts; and it would be easy to spend the whole morning wandering through the stalls and visiting the cafes.


Guillestre retains the charm of a semi fortified sixteenth century village with it's tall buildings flanking the narrow streets that link the village squares. During the summer months the squares are host to events, concerts and shows and there's plenty of evening entertainment. Throughout the year you'll find friendly warm cafes and restaurants serving a mixture of french italian cuisine; and there's a number of speciality restaurants within easy reach of the town.



The local bus company runs services in to the Queyras region


SCAL runs buses from Marseilles to Briançon which pass through Guillestre



From the local station (Montdauphin-Guillestre) trains run several times a day, north to Briancon and south to Embrun, Gap and as far as Marseille


Mont Dauphin is easily seen and reached from Guillestre by both car and footpath. This is on one Vauban's border fortifications and a fine example of his work. You can wander around much of the grounds and ramparts; and the is a museum and artists colony to visit. During the summer months the Les Soldats du Roy equestrian spectacular is well worth a visit.



Briançon is fortified town with imposing architecture designed by Vauban The old town retains many of the old walls, drawbridges and drill-grounds; and inside the steep streets are lined with original housing.  You can enjoy a stroll around the town, take in the splendid view from the fort or visit the historical monuments and museums – there is something for everyone in Briançon.







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